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Our Food Journey™ 2021 Report

We use a third party to help research, analyze and assess the key topics affecting Hormel Foods and the food industry.

To inform our reporting and objectives, Hormel Foods engaged BSR, a nonprofit sustainability consultancy and business network, in 2017/2018 to help us identify, prioritize and understand the topics most relevant to our business and our stakeholders. Topics were identified based on our prior assessment, industry trends and global corporate responsibility megatrends. The topics were then prioritized based on input from senior executives, our Corporate Responsibility Council and key external stakeholders, who offer a broad and diverse perspective on Hormel Foods. We engaged senior executives representing key business functions and members of our Corporate Responsibility Council to validate our assessment and key topics.

We are conducting a full key topics assessment in 2022 with a third party.

About This Report/About Hormel Foods
Key Topics Location
Business ethics Ethics, Governance & Risk
Corporate responsibility governance About Hormel Foods – Governance & Financials
Lobbying, disclosure and political contributions About Hormel Foods – Public Policy
Responsible marketing About Hormel Foods – Responsible Marketing
Transparency, reporting and stakeholder engagement About This Report – Stakeholder Feedback
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Supply Chain
Key Topics location
Animal care Supply Chain – Animal Care
Antibiotics Supply Chain – Antibiotic Stewardship
Farmer livelihoods Supply Chain – Farmer Livelihoods
Responsible sourcing and supply chain management Supply Chain
Sustainable agriculture Supply Chain – Regenerative Agriculture
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Key Topics Location
Air emissions Environment – Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Climate change Environment
Energy use and efficiency Environment – Energy
Environmental compliance About This Report – Data Summary
Food waste and loss Environment – Waste
Packaging footprint Environment – Packaging
Renewable energy Environment – Energy
Waste management Environment – Waste
Wastewater management Environment – Water
Water use Environment – Water
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key topics location
Employee health and wellness People – Safety, Health & Wellness
Employee recruitment and retention People – About Our Team
Human Rights People – Human Rights
Inclusion and diversity People – Inclusion & Diversity
Occupational health and safety People – Safety, Health & Wellness
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key topics location
Community impacts Environment
Distribution of profits Community
2021 Annual Report
Food relief Community – Hunger
Philanthropy Community – Philanthropy
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Please see the about this report section of this report for additional information about key topics and materiality.