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2016 Report
Our Food Journey™
Of Our 2020 Goal

In 2016, we continued to make progress toward our energy reduction goal, resulting in reduced energy use exceeding 157,000 MMBtu.

When combined with our results since 2012, this fulfills 84 percent of our target of 692,000 MMBtu by 2020.

2016 Progress

Normalized direct energy (MMBtu/sales tonnage) in 2016 was 1.68 and normalized indirect energy (kWh/sales tonnage) in 2016 was 290, with indirect energy efficiency improving from the prior-year level. We are currently on pace to achieve our 2020 goal.

Normalized Direct Energy
MMBtu/sales tonnage
Normalized Indirect Energy
kWh/sales tonnage

Renewable Energy Initiatives

We have purchased wind power renewable energy certificates to offset the purchased electricity demand of our Osceola (Iowa) Food facility, offsetting 35 million kilowatt hours of energy. The use of this green power offsets power at the facility that produces most of the company’s Hormel®Natural Choice® deli meats products.

In 2016, we also continued to support the renewable energy markets by subscribing to community solar gardens at five manufacturing locations, including entering into a co-sponsorship with Westar Energy to develop its first community solar garden near Wichita, Kan., where we manufacture most of our Hormel®Natural Choice® bacon products.

We look forward to continuing our support of renewable energy through additional solar power initiatives in 2017.

Recent Projects to Reduce Energy Consumption

  • 380K
    Saved Kilowatt Hours

    Swiss American Sausage Company (Lathrop, Calif.)

    Our Swiss American Sausage Company (Lathrop, Calif.) team tackled a refrigeration system improvement project that targeted the optimization of the system pressure. By optimizing the settings of the system, the plant was able to save over 380,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

  • 345K
    Saved Kilowatt Hours

    Progressive Processing (Dubuque, Iowa)

    The Progressive Processing (Dubuque, Iowa) team identified a process that eliminated the need to use compressed air to remove water from the exterior of cans. This process change reduced over 345,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

  • 450K
    Saved Kilowatt Hours

    Jennie-O Turkey Store (Faribault, Minn.)

    The Jennie-O Turkey Store (Faribault, Minn.) team identified areas of outdated lighting and worked with a team of energy experts to install a highly efficient LED system. This project led to the elimination of stocking anything but LED lighting for replacement use and will save the facility over 450,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Notes

  • G4-EN5

    Energy intensity.

  • G4-EN6

    Reduction of energy consumption.

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