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Our Food Journey™ 2021 Report
MMBtu Reduction

In 2021, we implemented projects that resulted in reduced energy use of nearly 98,000 MMBtu and initiated or completed several renewable energy wind and solar efficiency projects that we anticipate will help us achieve 100% of our domestic renewable energy sourcing by the end of 2022.

Energy Summary
Total energy use 7,680,877 MMBtu
Total direct energy use 4,897,638 MMBtu
Total indirect energy use 815,720,844 kWh
Percent of on-site renewable power <1%
Percent of power use offset with renewable energy 7%
Energy savings 97,975 MMBtu
Energy reduction percentage -6%
Efficiency gain percentage, total energy 1.3%
Efficiency gain percentage, direct energy 0.9%
Efficiency gain percentage, indirect energy 0.4%
Normalized energy 3.18 MMBtu/sales tonnage
Normalized direct energy 2.03 MMBtu/sales tonnage
Normalized indirect energy 338 kWh/sales tonnage
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In 2021, we implemented projects that resulted in reduced energy use of nearly 98,000 MMBtu. Our total energy use was 7.7 million MMBtu.

2021 Progress

Normalized direct energy (MMBtu/sales tonnage) in 2021 was 2.03 and normalized indirect energy (kWh/sales tonnage) was 338. Both direct and indirect energy use decreased over the prior year amounts due to efficiency improvements.

Normalized Direct Energy
MMBtu/sales tonnage
Normalized Indirect Energy
kWh/sales tonnage

Renewable Energy Initiatives

One of our 20 By 30 Challenge goals is to match 100% of our energy with renewable sourcing. That’s why we are excited to have a portfolio of renewable energy wind and solar projects that were initiated or completed in 2021. Examples of these projects include the Western Trails wind project in Texas and Haystack wind project in Nebraska. At the end of 2021, we achieved 7% of our global renewable energy sourcing goal. We anticipate we will achieve 100% of our domestic renewable energy sourcing by the end of 2022.

We also continued to support the renewable energy markets by subscribing to community solar gardens at five manufacturing locations, including our newest solar energy project that came online in 2021 at our Jennie-O Turkey Store facility in Montevideo, Minn. The 1.75-megawatt array will power more than 10% of the plant with renewable energy. We look forward to continuing our support of renewable energy through additional initiatives in the future.

Recent Projects to Reduce Energy Consumption

  • 40K

    Dold Foods (Wichita, Kan.)

    To reduce and improve the plant’s overall energy consumption, team members at Dold Foods, which produces products such as Hormel® Black Label® bacon, optimized the facility’s energy supply. The team devised a way to alternate its makeup air units and exhaust fans in designated areas, scheduled preventive maintenance tasks with no down time and reduced combustion emissions. The project saved annual natural gas and electrical resources amounting to over 40,000 MMBtu — enough energy to offset over 5.5 million miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.*

  • 108K

    Knoxville (Iowa) Plant

    A team at our Knoxville Plant, which produces products such as Hormel® pepperoni, replaced a condenser with a new equivalent condenser and connected it to a central sump to improve water treatment. After replacing the old condenser, the team achieved a savings of 108,000 kWh per month — enough energy to power over 175 homes for one year.*

For additional information about our environmental efforts and performance, please see our CDP climate change response.

*According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.