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Our Food Journey™ 2020 Report
Pound Reduction*

In 2020, we reduced product packaging by more than 553,000 pounds.*

Hormel Foods has a dedicated group of employees that regularly evaluates our packaging design, consistently looking for minimization opportunities.

2020 Progress

The packaging team collaborates with all departments and examines the entire supply chain for sustainability initiatives that will benefit all divisions. In calendar year 2020, this team initiated five projects and completed eight projects. Combined, these projects resulted in more than 553,000 pounds in savings.* When combined with our progress made since 2012, we have surpassed our goal to reduce product packaging by 25 million pounds by 2020 by nearly 7 percent.

Surpassed Goals
Surpassed Our Goal
to reduce product packaging by 25 million pounds

(when combined with progress made since 2012)

Note: Due to the breadth of input materials used in production and packaging, we cannot report on the total weight of materials used throughout the company until we have a reliable process to measure and track this information.

Product Packaging

Hormel Foods uses more than 12,000 unique items to package and produce our products, including corrugated paperboard, labels, films, cans, plastic bags, displays, glass containers, metal closures and plastic closures. Approximately 84 percent of our product packaging, by weight, is recyclable and/or made from recycled materials.

Recent Projects To Reduce Product Packaging*

  • 36K
    Pounds Of Material Saved

    Hormel® Black Label® Microwave Ready Bacon Packaging

    In 2020, the company purchased equipment that altered the packaging for the Hormel® Black Label® microwave ready bacon product line. This alteration saved nearly 36,000 pounds of paperboard annually.

  • 195K
    Pounds Of Material Saved

    Wholly® Guacamole Paperboard Design

    The company changed the design of our paperboard packaging on some of our Wholly® guacamole products from a fully enclosed carton to a wrap-around sleeve. This change reduced our paperboard packaging use by 195,000 pounds annually.

  • 20K
    Pounds Of Material Saved

    CHI-CHI’S® Tortilla Box

    In 2020, the company reduced the size of our CHI-CHI’S® foldable tortillas box to better fit the product. This alteration resulted in a material savings of more than 20,000 pounds of paperboard annually.

*Savings are estimated annualized savings based on a full year of volume.