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Our Food Journey™ 2021 Report
Pound Reduction*

In 2021, we reduced product packaging by more than 727,000 pounds and added How2Recycle logos onto more than 250 items.*

Hormel Foods has a dedicated group of employees that regularly evaluates our packaging design, consistently looking for material minimization opportunities.

The packaging team collaborates with all departments and examines the entire supply chain for sustainability initiatives. One of our 20 By 30 Challenge goals is to focus on packaging sustainability efforts through research, innovation, on-package communications and optimizing package weight and shipping efficiencies. In 2021, we are pleased to have made progress in each of these areas. Numerous weight-savings projects were researched by implementing material reductions and investigating increased use of post-consumer recycled (PCR)/post-industrial recycled (PIR) content. In calendar year 2021, the packaging team initiated 25 projects and completed 13 projects. Combined, these projects resulted in more than 727,000 pounds of material savings.*

Hormel Foods uses more than 73,000 unique items to package and produce our products, including corrugated paperboard, labels, films, cans, plastic bags, displays, glass containers, metal closures and plastic closures. Approximately 83% of our product packaging, by weight, is recyclable and more than 30% is made from recycled materials.

2021 Projects Supporting Packaging Sustainability

  • 165K
    Pounds Of Material Saved

    Justin’s® Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Jars

    We are transitioning our Justin’s® jars to those that use 30% less plastic in 2022. The new jars, which were redesigned, tested, and approved in 2021, will save more than 165,000 pounds of material annually.

  • 382K
    Pounds Of Material Saved

    Hormel® Fully Cooked Entrees

    The packaging for Hormel® fully cooked entrees was redesigned to include 25% of material from post-consumer recycling. The project saves more than 382,000 pounds of virgin material each year.

  • 23K
    Pounds Of Material Saved

    Club Party Trays

    By reducing the tray height on PET plastic trays and eliminating the shrink sleeve from the tray locking design, the packaging team was able to save more than 23,000 pounds of plastic annually for a club party tray product.

  • 114K
    Pounds Of Material Saved

    Columbus® Turkey Bacon

    By improving the palletization pattern of Columbus® turkey bacon, the packaging team was able to reduce the number of pallets and trucks needed to ship the product. The reduction of pallets needed saves more than 114,000 pounds of material annually.

On-Package Communications

We are pleased to report that we are adding How2Recycle logos onto our packaging. How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that communicates recycling instructions to consumers. In 2021, we added How2Recycle logos onto more than 250 items, including many Hormel® Compleats® microwave meals and Hormel® Cure 81® ham products. We will continue to add this information to our product packaging as packaging or labeling updates are made.

*Savings are estimated annualized savings based on a full year of volume.