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Our Food Journey™ 2021 Report
Team Members

Our team included more than 20,000 team members in 2021.

Our team members are the driving force behind our innovation, improvement and success. We consider the tenure of our team members to be an important indicator of our overall company performance, and we’re proud of our tenure figures.

We are proud to report that 50% of our team members had five or more years of service, and our 38-person officer team had an average of 25 years of service in 2021. Our turnover rate was 9% for salaried team members and 42% for hourly team members.

About Our Team*

19% Were Salaried
Male 67%
Female 33%
Ethnic Minorities 20%
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81% Were Hourly
Male 61%
Female 39%
Ethnic Minorities 65%
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About Their Tenure


In 2021, 50% of our team members had five or more years of service.

50% Of Our Team Members Had 5+ Years Of Service
Male 63%
Female 37%
Hourly 74%
Salaried 26%
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Of those 50% with five or more years of service:

29% Had 20+ Years Of Service
Male 64%
Female 36%
Hourly 72%
Salaried 28%
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9% Had 30+ Years Of Service
Male 67%
Female 33%
Hourly 68%
Salaried 32%
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About Their Job Type

Covered by CBAs*
*Collective Bargaining Agreements

Hormel Foods adheres to the National Labor Relations Act and respects the rights of employees to choose whether or not they want to organize in a collective bargaining unit. We do not have any operations in which the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining is at significant risk.

*See additional information in the inclusion & diversity section of this report.