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2017 Report
Our Food Journey™

We conduct performance reviews with more than 99 percent of our salaried employees and 100 percent of our office hourly and plant hourly employees.

We understand how important it is for our people to feel valued and challenged.

That’s why we conduct annual performance reviews with more than 99 percent of salaried employees, 100 percent of office hourly employees and 100 percent (informal) of plant hourly employees. Reviews for salaried and office hourly employees include an assessment of current job performance and mutual employee/supervisor goal-setting for the coming year. Our career discussion process encourages conversations between managers and employees regarding work-life balance, career development, training needs and opportunities.

Additionally, we periodically conduct an employee engagement survey to better understand what engagement at Hormel Foods really means to our employees and how it can be enhanced. In 2015, our engagement score of 67 percent continued to outperform the manufacturing industry average. While the score is slightly lower than our previous survey results, likely due to the expansion of the survey to additional locations, we continue to work toward achieving open communication, job satisfaction and collaborative work environments. We piloted different engagement survey program options in 2017 and plan to roll out a new version in 2018.