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Our Food Journey™ 2021 Report
Average Training Hours

We provided approximately 38 hours of training per team member in 2021.

In order to support our tradition of fostering long-term employment by promoting from within, team members receive formal training throughout their careers at Hormel Foods, applicable to their levels of responsibility and expertise.

One of our 20 By 30 Challenge goals is to invest in our team members by providing an average of at least 25 hours of training per team member annually. We are proud to report that we invested more than 713,000 total hours on training in 2021. This equated to approximately 38 hours of training per team member, surpassing our annual goal. In 2020, we implemented two new learning platforms for our team members: Link and Oracle Learning. Link was introduced to provide enhanced, consistent learning opportunities for our production professionals. The web-based platform offers interactive, translated education on a variety of topics, including workplace safety and food safety. The Oracle Learning platform provides a hub for our office team members to find and sign up for in-person, virtual and self-paced learning opportunities, as well as view their transcripts. In 2021, we further enhanced the learning for our production professionals by introducing Coach, which is an observational tool used by supervisors to ensure knowledge transfer on the production floor. This tool helps us ensure our team members understand their jobs and how to stay safe. For additional information about our learning programs, please visit our corporate website.

Team members are also trained on policies and procedures concerning aspects of human rights relevant to our operations. In 2021, more than 880 hours were dedicated to human rights training. (Some of these hours may be included in our total training hours.)

Human Rights Training Hours