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2018 Report
Our Food Journey™
New Items Launched
in retail and foodservice

We launched over 600 new retail and foodservice items in 2018.

Improving nutrition, well-being and food security

Producing some of the most trusted and well-known food products in the world inspires us every day.

We believe good food should be available to everyone – food that is affordable, safe, nutritious and delicious. We continue to diversify our portfolio of products to offer consumers a wide range of options to meet their needs.

We have a goal to reduce sodium levels in select products within our branded retail portfolio by an average of 15 percent by 2020. In addition, we’ve implemented a clean-label initiative to simplify the ingredient statements of many of our products and have set a new innovation goal: to deliver 15 percent of sales in the year 2020 generated from products created in the last five years.

Our Sodium Reduction Progress

CHI-CHI’S®, Herdez® and La Victoria® tortillas
Hormel® Canadian bacon
Hormel® chili with beans
Hormel® Compleats® microwave meals
Hormel® Cure 81® retail hams
Hormel® refrigerated entrees
Hormel® smoked pork loins
Valley Fresh® chicken and turkey

Featured Story

New Salsa on the Block

How MegaMex Foods is putting Herdez® Guacamole Salsa on the shelf and on the map

Creating Guac Salsa