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2018 Report
Our Food Journey™
Plant in hand

We have supported a mobile market that serves low-income neighborhoods.

As a global branded food company, we understand the importance of food access and affordability in feeding the world’s growing population.

As such, we focus our efforts around donating products to help those in need, supporting hunger-relief organizations and offering a wide variety of products to meet the needs of consumers.

For example, we produce everything from meat products and shelf-stable meals and meat items, to peanut butter and guacamole products. We offer a variety of sizes at various price points for most of our products.

In addition, for the past several years our Hormel® Natural Choice® brand team has supported the Twin Cities Mobile Market. This grocery store on wheels goes directly into low-income neighborhoods to sell fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and basic dry goods at below-market prices.

For more information about our efforts to donate products to help those in need and support hunger-relief organizations, please visit the community section of this report. For more information about the wide variety of our brands and products, please visit our corporate website.