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Our Food Journey™ 2021 Report
Clean-Label Projects Completed

In 2021, 13 clean-label projects were completed.

As part of our 20 By 30 Challenge, we are committed to offering a wide array of high-quality, safe, affordable and convenient products that meet the preferences and needs of consumers.

Our team worked tirelessly to deliver on our commitment and as a result, we launched over 400 new retail and foodservice products. Examples of some of our new products that launched in 2021 are: Hormel™ pretzel bites and cheese tray, Hormel® Black Label® classic country style bacon and Applegate Naturals® Do Good Dog™ hot dog.

Our Health, Science and Wellness Advisory Council (a cross-functional team consisting of research and development, marketing, consumer insights, regulatory affairs and packaging) is in place to discuss and respond to health and wellness issues, and consumer trends. The council develops initiatives and strategies for our entire product portfolio.

Throughout the year, we focused on efforts to reduce added sugars and sodium in our products. For example, we created a sugar-free lemon and chocolate pudding for a major retail customer and reduced sodium in foodservice products such as our Hormel® reduced sodium oven roasted turkey breast log, Jennie-O® reduced sodium turkey breast and Natural Choice® reduced sodium pot roast. We will continue to nourish a diverse population and reduce added sodium and sugars in our products while increasing desirable ingredients whenever possible.

Clean-Label Initiative

We continue to advance our clean-label initiative to simplify the ingredient statements of many of our retail products through the removal or replacement of ingredients, while still delivering the great-tasting items that consumers expect. This means products are evaluated for opportunities to simplify ingredient lists, use ingredients familiar to consumers, and remove artificial colors and flavors.

In 2021, 13 clean-label projects were completed. These included Hormel® Natural Choice® hardwood smoked lunchmeats, SKIPPY® peanut butter spread no sugar added, Justin’s® refrigerated protein bars and Hormel® Culinary Cookers products.

Our Foodservice division is focusing on clean labels as well. Knowing foodservice operators and their patrons desire their ingredients and menu items to reflect what they find in their pantries, all Hormel Foods Foodservice innovation efforts will continue to be chef-inspired with easily recognized ingredients, smart sodium levels and on-trend preparation methods. The company has a diverse portfolio of innovative product successes, including Hormel® Fire Braised meats, Hormel® Natural Choice® meats and Hormel® FUSE burgers. These items are 100% natural (minimally processed with no artificial ingredients) with zero preservatives, no artificial colors, and no nitrites or nitrates except for those that occur naturally. In addition, they have no gluten-containing ingredients.

Hormel Health Labs

Our Hormel Health Labs subsidiary provides food options for health care centers, special care facilities, caregivers and individuals to help meet the dietary needs of people with various conditions. Hormel Health Labs is a leader in providing nutrition resources to people with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) through the Thick & Easy® line of food, beverages and mixes designed to help people continue to enjoy their favorite items safely.

Hormel Health Labs is also a leader in nutrition for people at risk of malnutrition, which spans many conditions, including cancer treatment, kidney disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, to name a few. Through multiple product lines, Hormel Health Labs offers a wide variety of highly fortified functional food and beverages.

Please visit our Hormel Health Labs website for more information.

Plant-Based Protein Options

We are proud to offer a wide array of plant-based retail and foodservice items. Examples include our line of SKIPPY® peanut butter products, Justin’s® nut butter products and our Happy Little Plants® products. Our Burke Corporation subsidiary, a leader in foodservice fully cooked meats and ingredients, launched Burke® alternatives plant-based products in 2020. Powered by pea protein, Burke® alternatives products include a fully cooked crumble and uncooked ground products. Our acquisition of the Planters® snack nuts business in 2021, which includes the Planters®, NUT-rition®, and Corn Nuts® brands, has expanded our plant-based protein options even further.